Gimme di Fyah – Prod :Staynice – Anthony Martino . Interpeted by Skankstarz : Vocals Baptiste dupont and Rosie Donovan . Guitar : Tom Kelly . Bass : Oren Bresler . Drums : Jamie Patu . Keys : Jake Savona . Sound Engineer : Jan Muths. SEPT 2015.

This was my first production and I got the job that morning without prior knowledge of the shoot or band. The band just wanted the recoding session to be filmed. It was just me and I was in my second trimester of my diploma so my gear accesses was limited.

Once the recording was over they band offered to pay me and if I wanted to edit the footage and I accepted. The biggest problem I had  was with sound sycing for a few reasons, because its a recording session every take is a little bid different and they were doing 3 songs so i didnt really know which one to pay more attetion to until after the shoot.

This project taught me a lot due to no prior planning and mainly in the editing side of the project as when they gave the me the final prodcut recording there were subtle and non subtle differeances and for the duration of the editing i was using audio recorded in the sound control room at the end.


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