The Stepmother short film – Grip, lighting, DOP

Gore warning but i think thats a bit late, sorry. Anyway this is the Behind The Scenes of ‘The Stepmother’ which as of writing this has not been released.

The Stepmother was a Final project for one of my class mates. On this shoot I was the DOP, Key grip, Gaffer and Visual Gear manager for 3/5 of the days of production. On the other two days I was Asisstant DOP, Key Grip, Visual Gear Manager and Asisstant Gaffer. It was a week long shoot and I stayed on set for the whole week.

I was also in charge of of the equipment room

Due how large the project was, in hinesight, I should not of taken on that many roles and resposiablities however the reason I did is because there were no other DOPs avaliable and I was, to my knowlage, the only student with a keen interest in gripping.

That week was by far the hardest I’ve work as of the time i’m writing this post, a real test of my abilities and I’m thankful for the¬†opportunity.


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